FAQs on Modena

When is check-in and check-out times?

The check in time is 14:00.
The check out time is 12:00.
What is the cancellation policy? Subject to booking condition
Do you provide adapter? Yes
Do you provide Newspapers? Local newspaper and China Daily in public areas
Do you provide an internet access? Yes
Is there an additional charge for visitors?  Yes – Please contact the property for further information.
Does the hotel provide iron and ironing boards in all rooms? Yes
Do you have hairdryers in the rooms? Yes
Do you have smoking floors? Yes
What are the bed types in the hotel? King / Queen / Twin Beds
Will you have baby cots available? Yes
Do you allow the parties in the hotel? In function rooms subject to terms & conditions 
In rooms – No
What are the opening hours of the gymnasium? 24 hours


Dialing Instructions

Client Relation Executive
Press the Guest Services button on your telephone

Local Calls
Dial 9 + Telephone Number

Mobile Phone Calls
Dial 9 + Mobile Phone Number (Local)
Dial 9 + 0 + Mobile Phone Number (Domestic)

Toll – Free Calls (800, 999) & Credit Card Calls
Dial TBA

City Calls
Rate: First 3 mins RMB0.25, after that RMB0.13 per minute.

Domestic Calls
Dial 9 + 0 + Mobile Phone Number
Rate: Dial with 17909, RMB0.35/m

International Overseas Calls
Dial 9 + 00 + Area Code + Telephone Number

You can reach other long distance carriers from this telephone.

You can do so by dialing the access code provided by that carrier.

Applicable federal, state, and local taxes will be applied to all calls.

Telephone Charge
International Calls 07:00 – 24:00, RMB0.92 per 6 seconds
00:00 – 07:00, RMB0.55 per 6 seconds
Include Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines.

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan area is RMB0.23 per 6 seconds

For Further information please contact the CLIENT RELATION EXECUTIVE
All the above rates are quoted in RMB net per minute.

Where is the nearest train station and how do I purchase the train tickets? Wenchangge Station 8 min walk, each MRT station can buy MRT cards
How much would it cost to take a taxi from the airport to the property? About RMB150
Where can I eat? ADD and plenty of restaurants in the BOFO mall;
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